About Us

en Kemp @ Hosting SE Asia

I’ve been an IT consultant since 1994, primarily working as an SEO consultant since 1997. For the past few years I’ve become more involved in website redesign projects that meet current expectations of mobile-friendly & responsive / design.

A WordPress user since v1.5, with more than a decade of daily use managing literally dozens of client sites. Years of working on multiple hosting platforms & companies across multiple continents has given me a wealth of hands-on experience…

Hosting S.E. Asia come about through a need to provide high-quality, secure WordPress website hosting for clients from various locations around the world. To adequately protect client sites from all the threats, having a robust VPS platform under my control is an ideal solution.

I make no effort to compete with “shared hosting” prices – instead, I provide a value-added service that isolates clients from any need to know anything about the technical aspects of;

  • website hosting
  • email accounts
  • security & firewalls
  • brute force login attack prevention
  • software upgrades
  • website maintenance
  • backup and restore regimes

So, I do all of that and more for my clients…

  1. Managed Hosting & Website Maintenance: Clients who don’t want to manage the hosting account can opt for a managed plan, where I set up emails and anti-spam settings on their behalf. Website maintenance is a comprehensive service that offers troubleshooting and tech support, upgrades for WordPress core software and plugins, along with backup and anti-hacking security…
  2. Maintenance Only: Website maintenance plans are also provided for website owners who need help but are happy to leave their website where it is.

Hosting-SE-Asia.co is operated by Ben Kemp from TheSEOguy.co.nz & WebsiteRedesign.nz – providers of search optimisation and website design services since 1997.

Aside from being a lifelong motorcyclist, I’m also an avid fly-fisherman…