Genealogy Services

Genealogy Services Hire

Engaging an expert genealogist is an expeditious means to expand your knowledge about your family history. Especially if:

  1. You have struck a research challenge or problem
  2. You lack skills or the time to research thoroughly

In each of these instances you will  benefit greatly from the services of an experienced professional genealogy researcher. The following guidelines will help you find and employ a competent NZ genealogist.

The secret to engaging good genealogy services are the same as those for hiring other competent professionals. First, you need some general information about what genealogists do, how they work, what they cost and what services they provide. The first information is outlined in the next section. Second, you need to know how to evaluate genealogists in order to select the right one for you. These details are located in the relevant sections below.


Services by Genealogists

The services of NZ genealogists fall into the following categories, with other minor services.

1.) Ancestry Tracing

A professional genealogist can help you trace your ancestors. For example, a genealogist may be able to discover who your immigrant ancestors were and where they came from. Or, a genealogist can research one of your family lines back to a specific time period or individual. This is often helpful when people want to join a lineage society and must prove that one of their ancestors participated in a historical event such as the United States Revolutionary War.

2.) Researching Descendants

A professional genealogist may help you by identifying people who descended from a particular individual. For example, you may be a descendant of Winston Churchill and want to start a family website about his descendants and ancestors to share genealogical information. A professional genealogist can help you identify the statesman’s descendants so you can contact them.

3.) Research in Historical Records

To save time and avoid travel costs, you can employ a record searcher to find and review the records for you. Record searchers review only the records you instruct them to search.

4.) Genetic Genealogy / Family Tree DNA Analysis

Many companies offer services to test your DNA. Professional researchers can help you track down candidates for DNA testing and interpret your results. Hiring a genetic genealogy / DNA Testing Company provides further information.


5.) Other Services

Expert genealogists may also provide a range of other services, including:

  • Consulting and counseling with you about how to solve a research problem
  • Deciphering handwriting on old records
  • Translating foreign records
  • Instructing and lecturing on genealogical topics
  • Computerizing genealogical information
  • Abstracting and publishing records
  • Finding missing people

Professional NZ Genealogists

NZ genealogists are generally not required by law to be licensed or certified. However, they may receive credentials and endorsements from several organizations. Each organization sets its own criteria for granting credentials.

You should also consider other criteria as you make your hiring decision. Most New Zealand genealogists are self-taught, and many competent genealogists do not seek credentials. Years of education, research experience, and satisfactory service to clients may be just as important as credentials.