Website Redesign Services

Website Redesign Pitfalls

Website Redesign

Website redesign of an old website is not without risks and there are multiple issues to take into account. Overall, you obviously want to improve things as part of the makeover. So the last thing you want to do in a web site redesign process is;

  • Degrade your search engine results page positions
  • Accidentally de-index every ranking page across all search engines
  • Propagate mass 404 page not found errors
  • Break all bookmark links for your regular visitors
  • Eliminate internal anchor text cross-linking
  • Drop all the Titles & Descriptions and start anew

However, this is EXACTLY what an inept website redesign achieves! All of the things that once contributed to good SERPs are tossed out the window. Changing the site design and rewriting content often means widespread changes to many elements, including;

  • Page file names and paths / hierarchy are revised
  • New images results in Image file name changes
  • Titles, Descriptions and image alt tags are not preserved
  • Headings and paragraph content are amended
  • Internal anchor text links are lost

Business Brand Changes

When you engage a business marketing company to “rebrand” your small business or corporation, many things are likely to change… Its not unheard of for them to insist that you to do drastic things… like change your Domain Name, for example. Those are risk factors that jeopardise your search engine rankings at Google et al.

  • A new domain usually gets 6-8 months in Google probationary “sandbox”
  • A new domain has no incoming Link Juice of its own

There is a serious risk to your current  website rankings when a redesign is implemented. It is a wise move to get a experienced Website SEO Audit consultant to assess your website before ripping into a rebuild.

Web Site Rebuild, Redesign & Makeover Goals…

To take an outdated website and transform it into a modern design which adheres to current website design standards and practices. At the same time, the important SEO aspects are addressed. The good is preserved or made better, and the weaknesses are eliminated. The goal is to not only have a website that looks better, but one that works better for both visitors and search engines.

In this way, we achieve the double objectives of;

  • Attracting new business from qualified traffic
  • Preserving existing client traffic

Website Redesign Proposal

Our website redesign services will transform your sadly dated and frayed old web pages. A web site makeover should be done from end to end – a modern Content Management System, the latest HTML5 and CSS standards applied.

Website redesign services may be needed for multiple reasons, and we are specialists in seamless web site redesigns that avoid the known pitfalls. The ongoing evolution of website and internet technology offers new ways to do things. Furthermore, those changes also provide opportunities to do things that were once not possible. Take the evolution of “mobile responsive website design” which these days is an important factor in Google’s assessment of your website’s UX. Sites that give mobile users a poor user experience will be penalised.

Page load speed is now an important factor, due to the rise in the dramatic in the number of mobile devices used to view web pages. Google now indexes your site’s mobile-optimised pages first and uses those to calculate your rankings. This makes fast sites rank better…

The progressive enhancements to your competitor’s website designs can gradually leave your website looking less relevant! The optimal solution is to take technological strides forward, and improve both the visitor UX and the functionality of your website.

Paying closer attention to Call To Action, Unique Selling Proposition, contact information and forms will also pay dividends.