WP Website Maintenance Plan

A comprehensive WordPress Web Site Maintenance plan should offer an array of measures to protect your valuable data from hackers and from loss. Think of it as pre-emptive Disaster Recovery Plan.

The average “small business owner” usually does none of this because they are either blissfully unaware of the threats, or may not understand the technology, terminology and techniques involved.

That;s where I come in! I manage all the awkward website stuff, freeing you up to do what you do best. You have the peace of mind knowing that;

  • All sensible measures are in place to prevent a problem arising
  • Should a problem arise, I will solve it at no additional cost

An ounce of Prevention is better than a pound of Cure!

The Website Maintenance package includes;

  • Daily Upgrade Checks for WordPress software and plugins to ensure you’ve got the latest security updates, bug fixes and product enhancements installed immediately they are available.
  • Installation of Backup Software, automation of backup schedule. I have a developers licence for Updraft Plus, a slick application that provides comprehensive Backup and Restore facilities, and scheduling of backups which are transferred off-site to secure cloud storage.
  • Website Database Backups – daily backup of  database, weekly backup of files
  • Full Backup – entire site, plus site establishment documentation, original images etc. (Backup updated if there are any major changes)
  • Installation of Security – depending on the site, installation of Block Bad Queries or Ninja WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Wordfence. For static sites, the 6G WAF can be installed.
  • Installation of Caching – I have a developers licence for WP Rocket Cache, the fastest (premium) plugin for WordPress. For static sites, I can implement various page load speed options in .htaccess.
  • Evaluate & Process link exchange requests for you. Any promising reciprocal link requests will be responded to and actioned on your behalf.
  • Anti-Spam – installation and configuration of the Cpanel “Spam Assassin” email spam filter and WordPress “Akismet” post comment spam filter.
  • Revision Management – reduces the multiple copies of page & post revisions to sensible levels
  • Web Site Maintenance – we will do any quick amendments to pages, correcting typographical errors, fixing broken hyperlinks.
  • Emergency Response for urgent repairs, maintenance, website hacking attacks and self-inflicted breakages…

Not covered: significant site enhancements and development.

Annual Website Maintenance Plan Costs:

  • US$250 per year, paid annually in January/

Basically, we can do all the trivial things, leaving you free to work on your core business activities!

Provided by:  https://www.websitemaintenanceservices.co.nz/

Managed Web Hosting: for an extra US$50 – unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts,  MySQL databases etc…
Reference: John McGrath – Flexiscreens AU
Hi Ben,I just wanted to say that your annual maintenance program has already produced substantial benefits for us in the first few weeks of having subscribed.The first issue happened only four days into the new year. I had done some alterations to some code, which caused a cascade of issues and crashed the site. Ben, in his usual efficient style had the site up and running again within hours. Then, a couple of weeks later our website was hacked, which was very distressing. Once again, our Super SEO Guy jumped into action and re-built the site and tracked the problem down to a weak ftp password. The whole thing has now been beefed up and we are not expecting this sort of trouble again. The value of Ben’s maintenance plan is self-evident. We have already had the annual fee value and it’s not even February. We will continue investing in the plan and continue to use Ben’s other services. Exceptional service! Thanks again Ben.

Get Your Site onto an annual Website Maintenance Plan – An ounce of Prevention is worth more than a pound of Cure