Aircraft Charter Services

Private jet charters are something we usually think of in the context of the rich and famous. Movie stars, Fortune 500 company owners and star athletes etc. Whilst nobody would consider it to be a budget-friendly option to get from A to B, flying via private jet can be a comparatively feasible method of travel. That’s especially so if you are a small group planning to get to a unique destination.

In such circumstances, you should explore the options provided by private aircraft charter services. It’s not particularly difficult, and anyone with a decent budget can do it. Here’s all you need to know about hiring a private jet aircraft for your next business or holiday trip.

Who Can Charter a Jet Aircraft?

Pretty much anyone with deep pockets can charter a private aircraft service. If funding is accessible, booking a charter jet for an purpose is possible.

Last Minute Travel?

Aircraft charter companies readily cope with “last minute” travel arrangements. Most air charter companies can provide flights with only a couple of hours notice.

Schedule Alterations

Air charter services have experience at last minute changes to a flight plan after a booking is confirmed. Such changes can be for:

  • landings on the way to allow extra travelers to board the flight.
  • deciding to not land at a major airport, but to land at a smaller airstrip

Despite you not knowing about these types of changes until the last minute, the charter company can readily amend the filed flight plan to obtain unforeseen landing permissions.

What ID is required?

You will require the same documentation as is required for any commercial flight – domestic or international. You will need photographic ID, and a valid passport for international locations. Should additional documentation be necessary at any of your your destinations – for example visas, you should have those with you prior to leaving.


Aircraft charter companies do expedite booking a private jet charter, and do anticipate changes – they invariably spell out the timetable and processes pertaining to cancellations and penalty fees. On expiry of that timeframe, payment of the cancellation penalty fee is required.

For example, you book a jet four days before the trip. The service has a cancellation window that would allow you to call a minimum of 24 hours in advance to cancel the trip. If you call the morning of that trip and cancel, you will owe the company a cancellation fee.

How Many Seats Can I Buy?

By definition, chartering a jet means you have the aircraft at your disposal – every seat! Therefore, the charter cost is the same, no matter if its 1 passenger or 12.

Aircraft charter services usually have planes of various seating capacities. For a couple of passengers, small jet aircraft are vastly less costly to hire. On contacting the aircraft charter service and giving all information on passengers and destination/s, the service provider gives options for aircraft based on seating and destinations.

Costs of Aircraft Charter Services

A number of components are calculated to calculate the price of chartering an aircraft. This includes:

  • total seating capacity
  • aircraft flight speed
  • distance between your point of departure and final destination
  • planning a round trip?
  • duration between arrival at the destination and departure on the return trip

To accurately determine the price, contact an aircraft chater service, explain the trip you are have in mind and ask for a quotation. After adding up up the time savings and the sheer convenience of a jet charter flight, the costs are going to be justifiable.

Payment Methods

Aitcraft charter companies will insist on all or most of the charter costs be paid in advance. Usually, wire transfers are preferred because they can be verified rapidly. Some charter companies might payment via credit card. Business travelers whose employer has an account with the charter service should be able to have the cost of the flight invoiced to the boss. Its best to confirm the payment arrangments with the charter service before making the aircraft booking.

Is there a Max Flight Distance?

It’s feasible to travel 1,000s of kms on an aircraft charter. Depending on the flight distance and the aircraft chosen, it could be required to make a refueling stop during the trip. When you are making your plan and booking the flight, the charter company will explain all of these fine details to you.